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  • Additional Phone Numbers
    We have picked up 2 cellular phones to handle our higher call volume. The first, (517) 928-0944, should be used to inform us that you are here for an appointment. Read more
  • Change in business hours the week of 11-30-20
    Notice of change in business hours for this week: Caring Animal Hospital will be open Monday, November 30th to Wednesday, December 2nd from 9am-1pm & 2pm-6pm for limited appointments, medication refills, Read more
  • Fall Newsletter 2020
    Litter Box Etiquette When it comes to cats, one of the most important behavior situations we need to address is litter box etiquette. Litter boxes are very similar to human port-a-potties. Read more
  • Restrictions Lifted 5/29/20 - A Covid-19 Update
    RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED! We are excited to announce that as of May 29th, 2020 veterinarians can perform all procedures.  This includes procedures not previously allowed such as dental cleanings, spays, neuters, Read more
  • Changes to Covid-19 Protocol
    Updated Covid-19 Protocol Based upon Governor Whitmer’s Michigan Safe Start Plan, Caring Animal Hospital will be adapting to the following protocol starting Monday, May 18, until further notice. We will be returning Read more
  • Spring Newsletter 2020
    Spring Newsletter 2020 Stance Analysis Dr. Steele recently acquired a new piece of equipment, called a Stance Analyzer. This equipment will help with diagnosing lameness or limping in pets. Stance analysis is Read more
  • Extension of Shelter in Place Order
    We at Caring Animal Hospital wanted to update our clients on how we are proceeding with the extension of Governor Whitmer's Shelter in Place order. We are still committed to Read more
  • Shelter in Place Procedures * Covid-19 Update
    At Caring Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing a safe environment in which you and your pets can receive treatment while feeling comfortable and secure. Our community, our people, Read more
  • Winter Newsletter 2020
    Caring Animal Hospital Winter Newsletter 2020 Feline Scratching Behavior Did you know that besides inappropriate urination, destructive scratching is the #1 reason cats are relinquished to a shelter or shunned outside?  What many Read more
  • Fall Newsletter 2019
    Fall Newsletter 2019 The Importance of Crate Training: Crating training is a valuable resource for pet owners, but it can feel overwhelming to get started. Training your dog to love their crate Read more
  • Spring Newsletter 2019
    Spring Newsletter 2019 Dietary Intolerance in your pet                 Often our pets have acute vomiting and diarrhea signs.  The causes of acute stomach upset are Read more
  • Winter Newsletter 2019
    Winter Issue 2019  How to Keep Your Exotic Pets Warm in the Winter Most exotic pets are originally from warm and/or tropical climates. Their bodies have been built to endure higher temperatures Read more
  • Fall 2018 Newsletter
    Fall 2018 Newsletter Fear Free Pet Visits Congratulations to Erica Suarez, LVT who recently passed her Fear Free certification.  What is Fear Free you ask? Fear Free is a program that educates and Read more
  • Canine Influenza Information
    Caring Animal Hospital Dr. Bethany Steele & Dr. Hailee Cotter (517) 694-6766 Canine Influenza Information Caring Animal Hospital now recommends Canine Influenza Vaccine to all dogs at risk for exposure.  This includes dogs that Read more
  • Spring 2018 Newsletter
    Caring Animal Hospital Spring 2018 Introducing a new itch therapy for canine atopic dermatitis When your dog suffers from atopic dermatitis, life’s just not the same anymore. The constant licking, scratching, and chewing Read more
  • Winter 2018 Newsletter
    Caring Animal Hospital Winter 2018 Burr…it's cold outside. Ticks and Fleas are still lurking! With winter here, pets should continue getting tick and flea prevention. Contrary to widespread belief ticks and fleas don't die off Read more

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