Wellness Bloodwork

We recommend wellness bloodwork and we run this bloodwork in conjunction with heartworm testing. Although there are many reasons we perform wellness bloodwork the three most important include:

  • Wellness testing allows us to determine your pet’s internal organ function sometimes before your pet shows signs of being sick.
  • Wellness testing allows us to catch diseases before they cause severe damage to your pet’s health. Early detection of disease helps us prevent and treat diseases successfully; therefore, helping your pet live a longer, better quality of life.
  • Wellness testing also gives a baseline of your pet’s internal organ function. In the future, we will compare results and see if there are any gradual changes that may affect the quality of your pet’s life.

Bloodwork options always include heartworm and tick titer testing:

  • Junior option: mini screen with CBC
  • Senior Feline: full Chemistry profile, CBC, Urinalysis, and Thyroid profile
  • Senior Canine: full Chemistry profile, CBC, Urinalysis, and Thyroid screening

We can also tailor wellness testing to your individual pet i.e. breed specific wellness. For example, abdominal radiographs for Schnauzers and older cats prone to bladder stones, and blood tests for Dobermans that check for stretch receptor in the heart.

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