When I moved back to Michigan in ’02, I found a vet near where I lived who turned out to be quite unsatisfactory. I then started my quest to find the very best vet I could, even if I had to drive an inconvenient distance. I called several vets to schedule an “interview appointment” as the best way of finding a top-notch vet with whom I would enjoy working.

Some vets were so arrogant that they wouldn’t deign to be interviewed so they were easy to cross off. Among the few vets that agreed to meet with me for this purpose was Dr. Bethany Steele. I was immediately taken with how knowledgeable she obviously is, but she can also explain medical issues so that anyone can understand – without ever talking down to you.

Having 9 dogs at that time with some of them (as well as prior ones) having quite complicated health problems, I wanted to find someone who had experience with those kinds of complexities. Dr. Steele definitely does but equally important, isn’t afraid to say, “I’m not sure about that” because she always follows it up with, “…but I’ll find the answer.” She was enthusiastic about working together for the best care of my dogs, and willing to listen to me and accept that I know something about what’s good for my 4-legged ‘kids.’

So many, many vets I’ve seen or heard of over the years won’t admit they aren’t all-powerful and as a result, your pet doesn’t get the very best care. With Dr. Steele, that’s never, ever a concern. She does, in fact, know an amazing amount of up-to-date information and the latest treatments but she doesn’t hesitate to consult with a specialist on your behalf, or refer you to one if needed.

She treats my dogs the same way she’d treat her own dog – or her own child, for that matter! – and lets you know what all the options might be so that you can make an informed decision. She’s one of those rare vets who wants to work with her clients, not just handing down her decisions from on high.

I recommend Dr. Steele and the Caring Animal Hospital with the utmost confidence that she’s the best vet possible for my dogs, has a terrific and welcoming staff, an absolutely immaculate clinic, and she has a heart as big as the world.

Liz Mooradian, Program Director

Caring Animal Hospital is a great place to take my little friends for their best health. Ive been going to Caring Animal Hospital for 7 years and they have been treated with the best care and kindness.

Mike Fiasky

I have been bringing Buddy to"Dr. Beth" since he was a puppy. Dr. Steele's expertise, knowledge and caring; as well as her staff are why I take Buddy to them. He's received excellent care and attention, (from routine to surgically), which has made it possible for Buddy to be four years old now!!

Bridget and Buddy

My husband and I have a nearly 13 year old dog "Eddie". He has been a patient with Dr.
Steele for several years now. Eddie has allergies, a thyroid condition, and other issues
that senior dogs have. Dr. Steele and her "Caring" staff are exceptionally attune to his
needs. They are also receptive to our needs as "senior dog owners" making every
possible accommodation while providing excellent care. I would recommend Dr. Steele
and her staff at Caring Animal Hospital.

Eric and Tracy Bobier

In just one visit, Dr. Steele and her amazing staff have made two lifelong customers. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Steele and her staff. Within 20 minutes my boyfriend and I just knew that everyone there loved their job and genuinely cared about what they do, and I’m fairly certain they saved my dogs life yesterday.

My elderly dachshund has been suffering from heart disease that was diagnosed about 4 month ago. It started when I noticed he was breathing slightly faster than normal for about 3 days straight. I took him to a vet out where I used to live in Chesterfield.

They took him for Xrays and then drew blood without my permission, and didn’t even bother to check if I could even afford it. I was basically told his heart is a little enlarged and they are going to put him on two medications which were severely overpriced at their facility. I was told he will only get worse from here. His lungs would fill with fluid and he would eventually progress into congestive heart failure.

After seeking a second opinion at another facility around September, I was told there was a small spot of fluid shown in the Xrays that I was not informed about, and his heart was more than just a “little enlarged,” but still the same story. Nothing could be done to at least improve the quality of the time he has left.

Fast forward to yesterday. I woke up to my dog suddenly worse than he’s ever been, and I was sure this was going to be it, I cried all morning and the whole drive there. He was breathing so hard it was painful, gasping, wheezing, and coughing, which were all new symptoms that developed suddenly.

Dr. Steele and her staff took their time with him, and actually made sure for once that I knew what was going on with my dog. I was shown diagrams to explain the physiology of what was happening with him, and was informed of an entire treatment plan, and was told the price of every last detail before they even did anything.

He was given two doses of a diuretic via a catheter. They kept him the entire day to watch him, and even let me walk him to his “kennel,” which was a little fenced in area next to an employees desk where he had constant surveillance and he had blankets and a very comfy mat to sleep on, as well as soft music to calm him.

When I came to pick him up, Dr. Steele went over every piece of bloodwork and testing they had done with him that day, we extensively discussed the diuretics he was being prescribed and how they worked, as well as took the time to go over the old xrays and the new ones that were taken.

Unfortunately, it turns out he should have been on diuretics from the start. The fluid shown in the old xrays was much worse than I was led to believe, but thankfully after the diuretics it was evident in the new xrays that they had made a huge difference. I was taught how to check his respiratory rate, what was normal, and where he was at currently, so I can better monitor his health at home.

The picture is him sleeping soundly for the first time in months. He is actually better than he has been since he was diagnosed, his heavy breathing has subsided substantially, and for once I feel good and confident about the money I spent for the care and service we received. I also got a phone call this morning from Dr. Steele to check on how he was doing, and to see if I had been checking his respiratory rate.

Thank you so much Dr. Steele and staff, from the bottom of my heart. I know his condition is not curable, but for the first time I feel hopeful that he does not have to suffer through it and that I have an amazing team by my side to help us through it. I will never go anywhere else!

Katie Coakley

  • "CAH is the best! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I have a doodle (excitable) who loves coming here. First thing is he always gets is a bandanna. Not only does it make him more handsome it has been sprayed with a calming spray to help the visit go even more smoothly. It’s little things like this that they do throughout the entire experience for him and me that had me hooked from the first visit. These guys are good! 11/10 would recommend for all goodest boys and girls in your home."
    Deanna D. Customer since 2017
  • "Was able to get me in immediately. Very friendly. Thorough explanation of the procedure and up front on what the charge would be. Definitely would recommend!"
    Jeff S Customer since 2017
  • "Always a friendly staff"
    Ronda D Customer since 2007
  • "Everyone was so friendly! The doctor listened to my concerns and gave thoughtful advice. I am glad we chose Caring Animal for our new family member!"
    Trish P Customer since 2017
  • "As always, our dog is very well taken care of at Caring Animal Hospital from the staff to the doctors."
    Jim S Customer since 2006
  • "Great place! Very friendly, and they treated my dog Queen as if she were their own."
    Jennifer B Customer since 2017
  • "Excellent care always"
    Christine S Customer since 2013
  • "Everyone at CAH is very knowledgeable and I completely trust them to take the best care of my pets."
    Alicia W Customer since 2011
  • "as always it was a wonderful visit. the care, compassion and care to my pets is amazing. it makes you feel like family. would not go to any other vet clinic, my pets deserve the best and i get the best at caring."
    Kristine D Customer since 2004
  • "Everyone was great. My questions and concerns were addressed, and I didn't feel rushed. They take the time to take care of whatever is going on."
    Catherine T Customer since 2016

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