Terms and Policies

Appointment policy:

Appointments are preferred, but we can see walk-ins although you may wait longer and will pay an additional fee if you walk-in. Emergencies will be given preferential treatment. Each appointment is slotted ½ hour which is different from most veterinary clinics which only allow 15-20 min for each appointment. For routine vaccination appointments and vomiting and diarrhea cases we recommend you bring in a bowel movement sample that is less than 24 hours old. For urinary tract problems, we recommend to stop your pet from urinating for 3-4 hours before you bring them in so we can get a fresh urine sample.

Payment policy:

Payment is required when services are rendered. We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Scratch Pay, and Care Credit.

Returned/cancelled check fees:

Returned check fees are $45.00.

Missed appointments:

Missed appointment fees are $89.00. We do not require but would appreciate 24 hr notice to cancel appointments. Please call if you are unable to get to a scheduled appointment. This appointment spot may be filled by another patient.

Anesthesia policies:

No food after midnight the night before a procedure, but water is not restricted. All animals will need current bloodwork (including heartworm test in the last year for dogs) before anesthesia.

All patients will need current bloodwork for organ function (within 6 months) and heartworm status negative (within 12 months) before anesthesia. IV fluids are required for all of our patients undergoing anesthetic procedures with exception of feline neuter procedures.  IV fluids are strongly recommended for that procedure as well.

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